Oct15, 2013

Alina Lodge

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Michael Hornstein
BS, MA, Executive Director
Alina Lodge
We are so very thankful for the contribution to our Foundation. This gift will help someone get closer to seeing the light , and experience hope where there once was none.
Thank you Michael

Oct7, 2013

WVIA TV Interview Andy “Babe” Pace

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WVIA launched their interview “Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll” September 23rd on PBS. The program offer a more detailed look into the world of rock & Roll. Andy “Babe” Pace interviewed along with Chuck Negron of “Three Dog Night Fame”, The two of them together is a must see! Please check it out on the link below.

This Show […]

Jul5, 2013

Happy July 4th Everyone

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We are truly blessed to have had the beautiful day we did yesterday. We are so grateful for the oppurtunities this country and our people have given us. Celebrate your indepence with some family and those dear to you, We sure are! Thank you to all alumni who came out to show your support for Little Creek. Were grateful for […]

Jun25, 2013

A Letter From Andy’s Desk

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The letter that I write this month is not to tell you about all the places we go, things we do, or to have some kind of marketing agenda that will make us look good. Sometimes I feel like Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes when he would talk about the simpler things in life, and there is just too much […]

Apr30, 2013

A Letter From Andy’s Desk

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Greetings everyone
Spring might be coming to the North East soon; in any case we are ready for it.

This month we had a great Family program with our guest from Nashville, John McAndrew. The weekend was filled with musical-wisdom, and stories of strength hope and experience. Our parental feedback on it was so positive, we are glad everyone was pleased. The […]

Apr30, 2013

Success Is An Inside Job

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On Saturday April 27th Dr. Judith Chusid will present “Success is an Inside Job” to the residents of Little Creek Lodge.
“Success Is An Inside Job” uses a multi-dimensional approach to resolving career and vision blocks. Experienced facilitators combine lectures with role playing, case studies, vision mapping, and group techniques – like psychodrama and experiential exercises – to provide participants with […]

Apr17, 2013

Welcome to Little Creek Foundation

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Welcome to Little Creek Foundation!