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Our Impact: 2012 Discharge Stats

Treatment Complete 87

Therapeutic Discharge 6

Against Clinical Advice 5

 Transferred to Another Facility 2


Bill and I continue to be grateful for your part in our son’s wellness. Your choice to open Little creek at a time in your life when you could sit back and relax is truly amazing to me. The dedication and caring you show all the young men in your “house” is wonderful and leads to great things for them. Our deepest gratitude is difficult to put into words- please know we will be forever thankful. We hope to join you each year as you celebrate continued success and miracles.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people and families in addiction into the process of recovery. To educate the general public on the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction and lift the veil of denial bringing awareness to the community.

People who complete drug and alcohol treatment and go straight back to their former lives without a network of support relapse much more easily. Little Creek Foundation’s mission is simple and clear: to support recovery as an ongoing process.

The fact is, after one year of sobriety a patient’s chance of staying sober increases dramatically. Our goal is to get them to that one year mark and beyond.

There is a spiritual nature to what we do at the Foundation. We’ve seen just how miraculous recovery can be and we’ve experienced the devastation that occurs without it. With those two extremes as our reality, we wake up every day with a very important and special calling.

Every event we host, scholarship we provide, or job opportunity we coordinate stems from a continual drive to elevate individuals and families who have been touched by the horrors of addiction. It’s our desire to provide tools and strategies that can help sustain a sober lifestyle for those in recovery—and encourage preventative actions within our communities through education.

No one deserves to suffer in the grips of addiction—life has so much more to offer. And no parent should ever have to lose a child to drugs and alcohol.

This is about more than just pamphlets and presentations. We help addicts become believers in themselves. It takes a lot of listening, caring, and building of trust. But with all of those critical things in place, we can move them in the right direction.

Our Network