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Our Impact: 2012 Discharge Stats

Treatment Complete 87

Therapeutic Discharge 6

Against Clinical Advice 5

 Transferred to Another Facility 2


I hope this note finds you and your family well and happy. We wanted to share on the joy at our son’s graduation from the University of Colorado. We will always be grateful for the inspired guidance and treatment that Jay received at Little Creek Lodge. It is so wonderful to see the fruits of that labor reflected in the smiling and very grateful faces before you.
Debbie & John


Little Creek Foundation seeks to support individuals and communities in recovery. We accomplish this through a wide range of benefits and services, including:

  • Sober support networks
  • Community activism
  • Local awareness
  • Clinics, lectures, and training
  • Rent subsidization
  • Scholarships
  • Living stipends
  • Counseling and therapy

Sober support networks

We’ve cultivated powerful support networks in Wayne, Lackawanna, and Luzerne Counties that help people in recovery get jobs, find mentors, join home groups, and stay connected to positive people going through similar challenges.

Community activism

We’ve worked with or presented to civil groups like local schools, Boy Scouts, and Chamber Of Commerce in order to spread our message and serve as a pipeline through which these governing bodies can get useful insight. We seek to inform through Drug And Alcohol Education and the development of tools and techniques that can facilitate meaningful change.

Local awareness

We hold events with schools and local organizations like sports teams, boy scouts, and other community clubs. Our goal is to create trusting environments where young people feel safe asking questions, voicing curiosities, and sharing experiences without fear of judgement or punishment.

Clinics, lectures, and training

Throughout the year, we organize lectures and clinics designed to educate and heal. We’ll fly in established speakers, doctors, and clinicians who are experts in their fields to paricipate. We’ve found that these events go beyond just education and help promote warmth, positivity, and a true sense of community among attendees.

Rent subsidization

Oftentimes people in recovery need a little bit of help in getting their finances in order as they attempt to rejoin everyday life. One thing we can do to help smooth that transition is provide rent subsidization for a period of time while they’re getting adjusted.


Every three months, the Foundation selects a few people who have shown lots of promise in recovery and a genuine desire to use education to further their life in sobriety. For these people, we happily grant scholarships that make quality education available that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Living stipends

Managing day-to-day expenses can sometimes present a challenge to someone who is just getting started on a new path following treatment. We’ve found that by making sure people in recovery have their groceries and other essentials paid for, they can focus their energies on establishing positive habits that will help them remain sober.

Counseling and therapy

We provide access to funded counseling and therapy with qualified medical professionals. The path to a sober lifestyle is an ongoing one that we don’t believe anybody should have to walk alone.

Our Network