On Saturday April 27th Dr. Judith Chusid will present “Success is an Inside Job” to the residents of Little Creek Lodge.

“Success Is An Inside Job” uses a multi-dimensional approach to resolving career and vision blocks. Experienced facilitators combine lectures with role playing, case studies, vision mapping, and group techniques – like psychodrama and experiential exercises – to provide participants with a unique type of career coaching rarely available in consulting practices or private settings. These methods are presented in a non-threatening way to help you overcome self-sabotaging behaviors. Peer group activities and small-group size promotes insight, cooperation, and trust. The residents will work together in a group facilitated by Dr. Chusid. You leave the workshop with a blueprint for moving ahead, new tools, a 30-day action plan, accountability, and support via a Success Buddy, a Spiritual Partner, and your “Success Is An Inside Job” group.

Success Is An Inside Job may be the transformative experience you need right now, if you…

  • Know you can perform at a higher level but can’t get there on your own
  • Feel lost without a vision for your career
  • Are underearning or underachieving
  • Have a poor or inconsistent work habits
  • Are under or overusing your personality strengths
  • Need to make a career transition
  • Are under or overusing your personality strengths
  • Have difficulty traversing the corporate chain or using your leadership skills
  • Struggle to reach your entrepreneurial goals
  • Are trapped in workaholism
  • Derail at the top of your game
  • Or are successful but feel unhappy

About Judith F. Chusid, Ph.D. Dr. Chusid, is founder and director of JFC Professional Services, Inc., and creator of Success Is An Inside Job She is a therapist, teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer, with experience in the private andpublic sectors. Nicknamed, “The Resistance Buster,” Dr. Chusid is known for having an extensive toolbox that includes innovative strategies for resolving resistances to success and change, team building, and leadership development. She earned a masters and doctorate from New York University, and a Professional Diploma from St. John’s University. She received her post-doctorate training from The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies and is a NYS licensed psychoanalyst and psychologist.